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      Mrs Keeling paid no attention to this: she hardly heard."It's lik them trains," he said to the chauffeur, "unaccountable strange and furrin-looking at first, but[Pg 449] naun to spik of when you're used to 'em. Well I remember when the first railway train wur run from Rye to Hastingsand most people too frightened to go in it, though it never m?ade more'n ten mile an hour."

      A kind of defiance, a kind of swagger possessed him. He would show her and himself how little he cared. He would find another woman this very night. He remembered the dark-browed, demure little thing of the farmhouse gate. He would go back to her, and she would not be so timid this timethey never were.

      You are very obstinate, he said. Why dont you let me walk home with you?

      "Ben, I'm your wife."


      She laughed straight out.



      In the course of time he heard that Caro was living with Joe Dansay down at the Camber, but he made no effort to bring her back. "I'm shut of her," he told everyone angrily. If Caro preferred a common sailor and loose living to the dignity and usefulness of her position at Odiam, he was not going to interfere. Besides, she had disgraced his farm, and he would never forgive that.The men scurried in all directions obeying his orders. Soon terrified horses were being led blindfold into the home meadow; the cows and bullocks, less imaginative, followed more quietly. Meantime buckets were passed up from the pond to the stacks that were not alight; but before this work was begun Reuben went up to the furthest stack and thrust his hand into itthen he put in his head and sniffed. Then he called Realf.