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      Pendleton stared. "How do you know?"[3] Mmoire des Motifs qui ont oblig M. le Comte de Frontenac de faire arrter le Sieur Perrot.

      V2 them to take hold also of the chain of friendship. Accordingly all present agreed on a joint message of peace to the tribes of the Ohio. [658]V2 him, and sometimes treated him in a manner that must have been unspeakably galling to the proud and passionate young man, who nevertheless, unconquerable in his sense of public duty, curbed himself to patience, or the semblance of it.

      "How did it come out?"They had been over this so often!

      orders the imprisonment of heretics who refuse to abjure, orThe heaviest of all his tribulations now fell upon him. His son Samuel, about sixteen years old, had been kept at Montreal under the tutelage of Father Meriel, a priest of St. Sulpice. The boy afterwards declared that he was promised great rewards if he would make the sign of the cross, and severe punishment if he would not. Proving obstinate, he was whipped till at last he made the sign; after which he was told to go to mass, and on his refusal, four stout boys of the school were ordered to drag him in. Williams presently received a letter in Samuel's handwriting, though dictated, as the father believed, by his priestly tutors. In this was recounted, with many edifying particulars, the deathbed conversion of two New England women; and to the minister's unspeakable grief and horror, the messenger who brought the letter told him that the boy himself had turned Catholic. "I have heard the news," he wrote to his recreant son, "with the most distressing, afflicting, sorrowful spirit. Oh, I pity you, I mourn over you day and night. Oh, I pity your weakness that,[Pg 84] through the craftiness of man, you are turned from the simplicity of the gospel." Though his correspondence was strictly watched, he managed to convey to the boy a long exposition, from his own pen, of the infallible truth of Calvinistic orthodoxy, and the damnable errors of Rome. This, or something else, had its effect. Samuel returned to the creed of his fathers; and being at last exchanged, went home to Deerfield, where he was chosen town-clerk in 1713, and where he soon after died.[69]

      [234] Autobiography of Franklin.In some respects the temper of the troops was excellent. In the petty warfare of the past winter they had generally been successful, proving themselves 339

      [351] Message of the Assembly to the Governor, 11 Nov. Ibid., VI. 692. The words are Franklin's.

      [36] Lamothe-Cadillac Ponchartrain, 31 Aoust, 1703 (Margry, v. 301). On Cadillac's relations with the Jesuits, see Conseils tenus par Lamothe-Cadillac avec les Sauvages (Margry, v. 253-300); also a curious collection of Jesuit letters sent by Cadillac to the minister, with copious annotations of his own. He excepts from his strictures Father Engelran, who, he says, incurred the ill-will of the other Jesuits by favoring the establishment of Detroit, and he also has a word of commendation for Father Germain.


      [32] Lalande, Notice de l'Abb Piquet, in Lettres difiantes. See also Tass in Revue Canadienne, 1870, p. 9.The Return from Deerfield.



      V1 Monro had better make what terms he could with the enemy. [515]CHAPTER VIII THE RETURN