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      But I wanted to write a letter first just to get acquainted.[175] N. Y. Col. Docs., VI. 813.

      [738] Pouchot, II. 52, 59. Procs de Bigot, Cadet, et autres, Mmoire pour Daniel de Joncaire-Chabert."Miss Penny, honey, I got the mos' awfulles' misehy...."

      V1 protection of a crowd of savages whom they have drawn over to them, and whose number increases daily."[183] Robinson to Lords of the Admiralty, 30 Sept. 1754. Ibid., to Board of Ordnance, 10 Oct. 1754. Ibid., Circular Letter to American Governors, 26 Oct. 1754. Instructions to our Trusty and Well-beloved Edward Braddock, 25 Nov. 1754.

      [60] He died on the sixth of March, 1752 (Bigot au Ministre, 6 Mai); not on the seventeenth of May, as stated in the Mmoires sur le Canada, 1749-1760.

      V1 he was tall and imposing in person, and of undoubted capacity and courage; but old and, according to his enemies, very avaricious. [48] The Colonial Minister gave him special instructions regarding that thorn in the side of Canada, Oswego. To attack it openly would be indiscreet, as the two nations were at peace; but there was a way of dealing with it less hazardous, if not more lawful. This was to attack it vicariously by means of the Iroquois. "If Abb Piquet succeeds in his mission," wrote the Minister to the new Governor, "we can easily persuade these savages to destroy Oswego. This is of the utmost importance; but act with great caution." [49] In the next year the Minister wrote again: "The only means that can be used for such an operation in time of peace are those of the Iroquois. If by making these savages regard such an establishment [Oswego] as opposed to their liberty, and, so to speak, a usurpation by which the English mean to get possession of their lands, they could be induced to undertake its destruction, an operation of the sort is not to be neglected; but M. le Marquis de la Jonquire should feel with what circumspection such an affair should be conducted, and he should labor to accomplish it in a manner not to commit himself." [50] To this La 79three-year-old baby sister all over curls, and a medium-sized brother

      While in the West all the signs of the sky foreboded storm, another tempest was gathering the East, less in extent, but not less in peril. The conflict in Acadia has a melancholy interest, since it ended in a catastrophe which prose and verse have joined to commemorate, but of which the causes have not been understood.

      so happy every moment of the day that I can't believe it's true.Drawn by Howard Pyle.


      [149] Pouchot, Mmoire sur la dernire Guerre.




      Though the leaky condition of the frigate compelled him to abandon the search, it was not till he had gained information which he thought would lead to success; and, on his return, he inspired such confidence that the Duke of Albemarle, with other noblemen and gentlemen, gave him a fresh outfit, and despatched him again on his Quixotic errand. This time he succeeded, found the wreck, and took from it gold, silver, and jewels to the value of three hundred thousand pounds sterling. The crew now leagued together to seize the ship and divide the prize; and Phips, pushed to extremity, was compelled to promise that every man of them should have a share in the treasure, even if he paid it himself. On reaching England, he kept his pledge so well that, after redeeming it, only sixteen thousand pounds was left as his portion, which, however, was an ample fortune in the New England of that day. He gained, too, what he valued almost as much, the honor of knighthood. 243 Tempting offers were made him of employment in the royal service; but he had an ardent love for his own country, and thither he presently returned.Remportent la victoire.