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      He is evidently devoted to her, remarked Lady Chesterleigh, after the Belfayres had departed. I never saw a man more hopelessly in love.

      The fight was nearly over when Varley reached the coach, and his reappearance put the finishing touch to it. Two of[279] the Dogs Ear men lay stretched upon the ground; the Three Star men, breathless and perspiring, were gathered round them; the passengers were huddled together in a heap and trying to realize that this was the end of the nineteenth century; Johnson and the guard were coolly soothing and rubbing down the horses as if this little affair were quite in the ordinary way of business.

      He did not move or wake, but a smile passed over his face like the sunlight falling upon a still mere. She was glad that he had smiled, that her last look at his dear face should ever linger in her mind with that deep and solemn presentiment of an old mans peace and happiness. She stretched out her hands to him, and her lips moved, but no spoken words broke the almost death-like stillness, and slowly, with her eyes lingering upon him, she passed out.



      "Why, you po' city child'en!" laughed two sweet unprotected women. "Let these girls bresh you off. You sho'ly got the hafe o' Hinds County on you ... Pemberton's men? Law, no; they wuz on Big Black but they right out here, now, on Champion's Hill, in sight f'om our gin-house ... Brodnax' bri'--now, how funny! We jess heard o' them about a' hour ago, f'om a bran' new critter company name' Ferry's Scouts. Why, Ferry's f'om yo' city! Wish you could 'a' seen him--oh, all of 'em, they was that slick! But, oh, slick aw shabby, when our men ah fine they ah fine, now, ain't they! There was a man ridin' with him--dressed diff'ent--he wuz the batteredest-lookin', gayest, grandest--he might 'a' been a gen'al! when in fact he was only a majo', an' it was him we heard say that Brodnax was some'uz on the south side o' the railroad and couldn't come up befo' night ... What, us? no, we on the nawth side. You didn't notice when you recrossed the track back yondeh? Well, you must 'a' been ti-ud!"


      For a moment a little tremor ran through her, and her hands clung to his arm and a mist rose before her eyes; but[227] she set her teeth hard and turned swiftly to answer some one who had spoken to her. Trafford took his father to the door, as usual, and the duke murmured a few words of congratulation.