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      Peasmarsh choir consisted of about eighteen boys and girls, with an accompaniment of cornets, flutes, and a bass violthe last played by an immensely aged drover from Coldblow, who, having only three fingers on his left hand, had to compromise, not always tunefully, with the score. The singing was erratic. Eighteen fresh young voices could not fail to give a certain pleasure, but various members had idiosyncrasies which did not make for the common wealsuch as young Ditch, who never knew till he had begun to sing whether his voice would be bass or alto, all intermediary pitches being somehow unattainableor Rosie Hubble from Barline, who was always four bars behind the restor[Pg 141] even young Robert himself, who in crises of enthusiasm was wont to sing so loud that his voice drowned everyone else's, or in a wild game of follow-my-leader led the whole anthem to destruction.

      "I, John Hartwell, will be to you, my Lord Roland de Boteler, true and faithful, and bear to you fealty and faith for the lands and tenements which I hold of you; and I will truly do and perform the customs and services that I ought to do to you, so help me God!" The old man then kissed the book, and retired to give place to the next; and so on till all who owed fealty had gone through the ceremony."Sing ye who will of Love, or War, or Wine,

      He turned on her almost fiercely, his lips curled back from his teeth in a sneer.

      "I am afraid of no man!" he replied, doggedly.

      "I should rather say 'abominable,'" Anne interrupted gently.Again he laughed.

      "Father John's sister, is she?" asked the baron. "Why then my good esquire here, has more to do with the matter than Ibut however, Luke, go tell Holgrave I cannot attend to him now""Why, Calverley," continued De Boteler, when the steward had withdrawn. "Is not this the maiden you spoke to me about? Do not turn so pale man, but answer me."


      "I was thinking."



      I dont know what you mean by next, Grandmamma, he said. But it is quite true that I am going to be married.They parted uneasily, without any arrangement to meet again.