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      Shorty stepped over a little distance to a large clump of "red-sticks." These grow in long wands of brilliant red, as straight as a corn-stalk, and slenderer. They are much used about the farms of the South for rods for rough measurement. He cut one off about six feet long and stripped off its leaves.228"That was just the trouble," replied Rosenbaum. "I got to know them very well, but they got to know me a confounded sight better. When I was in the clothing pizniss in St. Louis I tried to have everybody know me. I advertised. I wanted to be a great big sunflower that everybody noticed. But when I got to be a spy I wanted to be a modest little violet that hid under the leaves, unt nobody saw. Then every man what knew me become a danger, unt it got so that I shuddered every time that I see a limb running out from a tree, for I didn't know how soon I might be hung from it. I had some awful narrow escapes, I tell you.

      "You've got hoofs like a foundered hoss," retorted Si.

      "Must've bin the sassafras root," said Si. He hated to lie, and made a resolution that he would make a clean breast to Shortyat some more convenient time. It was not opportune now. "That must've bin a sockdologer of a dose the Surgeon gave me," he muttered to himself.

      "Early for tattoo, ain't it?" said they, looking inquiringly at one another.

      I hid them to keep them secure! he stammered, turning toward his employer. I had no wish to take them. I feltsurenobody knew the combination of the cabin safebut I couldnt say that a clever man, some Jimmy Valentine fellow, might not get in. So I decided to hide the real emeraldsand what was safer than a life preserver?



      The crowd looked at him curiously. They knew that he wanted them to do something, they were willing to do it, but they hadn't the slightest idea what it was. They made a move by huddling up a little toward him.When this was opened Si read:


      "I can't see nothin' o' the kind," replied the other.