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      Yes; but dont go too fast, please."You did, did you? Well, I'm going to do mine, which is to knock you down for it."

      "Oh no, he would not mind! He is only too kind and indulgent. He would have liked me to spend the winter with my sister in Hans Place, where there would have been gaieties of all kinds; but I don't want to go into society while Martin is away. It would not make me happy."

      There will be plenty of room for them at Belfayre, said Lady Wyndover, with a sigh of profound satisfaction. Of course, you will live there. The duke is an old man, and will be glad to have you and Trafford with him. He is so fond of you, dear. Of course, I dont know what plans youve made[156] about the honey-moon, but you might spend it at that pretty little place of mine in Surrey. You havent seen it yet. It really is a charming place; quite a box, of course; but it will be quite large enough for you two. I think its a mistake for a newly married couple to go to a big house, with a mob of servants; they want to be alone, to moon about, and all that. But, perhaps, you would like to go on the Continent.

      Very good, said Varley. While youre taking refreshment Ill step down to the camp and break the news to the boys. It will want some breaking, he added, dryly, as he sauntered out.

      Oh, I can do a lot of things, he said. Im strong in[26] the arms, and I can dig and wash for gold-dust, or look after horses, ororor anything."Yes, dearest, all is calm now."



      I dont know what you mean, said Esmeralda, with her brows drawn together.


      "Do tell me your opinion of Lord Lostwithiel. I am very curious about him. Mr. Crowther talked of him so much the night we were at Glenaveril."