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      Youryour courage, your coolness! You throw yourself between me and a bullet as if it were a mere nothing. Ive never seenreadanything like it!

      "Rome! I should like to see Rome before I die, Martin; if it were not too troublesome for you"

      They talked of the palace and what she had seen, and avoided anything personal until at last Trafford said:

      It is a lie! she said, not loudly, but with terrible distinctness.

      Esmeralda thought her question over before replying.

      "This is not home!" she cried piteously.


      And thus Esmeralda left Three Star Camp.Slowly, slowly the two young women went down the hill, Allegra full of speculation and wonderment about the unknown vessel, Isola curiously silent. As they neared the hotel a man landed from a dinghy, and came briskly up the slippery causewaya tall, slim figure in the vivid moonlight, loose limbed, loosely clad, moving with easiest motion.


      Yesyes, I shall marry you, Varley, dear, she remarked, coolly, as she wound a wreath of wild flowers round her hat.The troubled feeling grew upon her somehow. In a life so lonely and uneventful trifles assume undue importance. She tried to avoid him, and on her journeys to Fowey she finished her business in the village street and turned homewards without having climbed the promontory by that rugged walk she loved so well. It needed some self-denial to forego that keen pleasure of standing on the windy height and gazing across the western sea towards Ushant and her native province; but she knew that Lord Lostwithiel spent a good deal of his time lounging on the heights above the harbour, and she did not want to meet him again.


      "Come now, ma'am, I shan't let you go to the ball if you don't take these. What, not a bit of fireand you asleep here in the cold? What was that addle-pated Susan thinking about, I wonder? I'll take the tray upstairs. There's a lovely fire in your room, and everything ready for you to dress. I want to be able to tell Mr. Martin that his young wife was the belle of the ball."Lostwithiel looked puzzled.